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Chitties were started from Jammu and Faridabad branches of the Company. When the Chitty Act was implemented in Kerala in 2012.Two new Companies were registered and started functioning under NTC Group for the purpose of conducting chitties only, but no new chitties were started under New Trichur Company. Most of the chitties started by the Company till 2012 have expired. At present only two chitties shown below are running.

Chitty Details
Chitty No Chitty Date Installment Amount No.of Installments Date of Maturity (Last Instalment date)
FUH-10 (Monthly Chitty) 10th day of every month Rs.6500/- 175 10th May 2026
FUFP-8 (Pooval Kuri) 8th day of April, August and December Rs.20000/- 55 8th April 2030