Finsound Consultancy & Management Services (P) a Private Limited Company incorporated under the Companies’ Act during 2013.

The Company’s main objectives are management services; promote execution of projects and also promotion of life insurance, General Insurance, Travel & Tourism etc. The Company is promoted by Shri Varghese Jose T. and his associate Shri Boban K.A. with its Corporate Office at Thrissur.

As a diversification from the traditional system we have entered in to the field of promoting insurance business with the help of various Companies like BIRLA SUN LIFE & STAR HEALTH and yet more companies to come.

Now Finsound Consultancy & Management Services is aiming for promoting the Life Insurance business from BIRLA SUN LIFE and General Insurance business from STAR HEALTH with a promotional expected business of Rs. 1.5 Crore in Lilfe Insurance field and Rs.2 Crores in the General Insurance field in the year 2014-15 In addition to the Insurance business, the Company is aiming for travel & tourism and expecting a turnover of not less than 1.5 Crore in the year 2014- 2015

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